Monday, May 23, 2011

Ahhh...postproduction...when everything grinds to a halt...

...and goes insane! I know that there have not been too many updates on the blog as of late, but that will soon change. We are heavily into postproduction (mainly editing and color mixing) but if this edit that I finished last week looks good (and I'll be viewing it on the DVD Tuesday evening) then I am going to start adding and mixing the sound. That means that the cast will have to start working on ADR (basically dubbing in their lines that were drowned out by wind and other noises).

Andrew, Andres, David, Greg, Josh and myself are working on the CG elements. Chinyi's work is done and I am compositing that. Andres gave me the first look at the Bullion (the buffalo/lion creature that Maggie designed and it looks amazing. I am going to do a rough placement tomorrow of it in the scene with Maddy (Maggie Dye) as she shoots at it to ward it off. What Andres showed me today melted my socks! The creature looks great. I also saw a rough composite of the creature that Greg is working on. It is the creature that attacks X before X fights Cerulean near the end of the movie. It looks quite amazing as well.

The music teams are coming along quite well and I like what I've heard so far. Good stuff! Keep up the great work people. This is going to be a terrific movie.