Thursday, March 31, 2011


These are a few quick sketches for the artists rendering the city for the gladiator flashback sequence.

The idea is to combine Japanese and Korean temple designs with heavy Gothic architecture...and then add a lot of smoke stacks and chimneys.


  1. its neat but i dont know that i understand why its very Jap. based. doesnt seem to have anything to do with the cerulean setting....but i do like it!

  2. Is it an Earth based human culture who built these or a now extinct alien race ?!

  3. Earth based. This is the world 1000 years from now. It is the planet where political prisoners are made to fight in an arena. I like the Gothic and Japanese look because both are strong and recognizable. I don't want an alien feel and I want the "gladiator" arena not to be too ROMAN or GREEK! More combo Japanese and Gothic so that when we see Cerulean fight the horde in order to save her own life, the setting will be alien, yet familiar...