Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Contest time...pick the image you think looks best for the DVD case...

no 1

no 2

no 3

no 4

no 5

no 6

no 7

no 8

no 9

no 10

This is a Lucas Carter photo I have had hours and hours of photoshop time with...choose wisely...don't worry "X" / Debbie fans, she is highlighted on the back side and inner pages...


  1. Number 2! ...Based on what I have seen (clips) and heard (music), the blue color of #2 works perfect.
    I also like number 9, but I would be concerned about the printing. It might end up darker than how appears on screen.

  2. Thanks, Ana. I,ve had about 6 people say #4 and about 4 pick # 2. I actually prefer #'s 7, 9 and 10...but that's the reason I'm doing this. I agree about the printing, tho. I plan to print copies of each at school to see how they look.

  3. The one I like the least is 8. I was trying for a look that didn't quite turn out as hoped...

  4. 1 5 or 9
    I like 1 and 5 a lot. They give off a really interesting feel.
    -meg tiffany

  5. #5 or #10 are the best!!
    i think they best suit the movie!

  6. Yay, some one likes 5! Thanks Megan and Maggie! And, Megan liked nine, one of my faves...

  7. I'm using nine for the cd cover.