Thursday, October 6, 2011

While waiting for SPFX from the team...

...I'm working on a Graphic Novel to launch our next film project "Crimson Rosetta".

Page two: The Protectors launch from the Control Ship with their leader Serf.

Page seven: A Protector gets hit by the "Battleship"

Page fourteen: Serf emerges from the smoldering wreckage...this one still needs some cleanup...

Page fifteen: Serf approaches the enemy "Battleship"

There will be just twenty pages and I am doing it on Canson Comic Book Art Board with Prismacolor Manga brushes and pens and white and black acrylic.


  1. Page 15 is my favorite so far.

  2. Allen, this is so sweet. Really good look to the artwork - you should do art for a living.. :)>

    No, but seriously, it's great. The last panel with the crashed ship is my fave.

  3. Yeah, Micheal...I've been rolling around the idea of getting a job that involves art in some manner. HA!