Thursday, October 28, 2010

Screen grabs from our first day of shooting...

Cerulean surveys the land after the crash

Ryan (played by Luke) and Cerulean (Allegra) discuss the situation...

Ryan and Cerulean discuss Dillard's (James) arrival with the transcoder

Dillard scans the area...
(James and I worked on the sky...he did the plane, which has more detail than you can see here, while I worked on the moving clouds)

Maddy (Maggie) arrives after dispatching the bridge crew...

Bisc (Josh) arrives dressed in a guard's coat smoking a cigar...


  1. i like the last shot the best, haha
    (but i also like how peaceful i look in the one before it for having just bashed in the face of the bridge crew hahaha)
    the sky in that one looks awesome ^_^

  2. xD

    I swear it looks like I wanna laugh or am holding back from smiling.

  3. haha ya it does, but i love it! ^_^ i love watching you act, its great1

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  5. Awww, thanks! You're AWESOME! Very natural!