Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's all this then?

So what is CERULEAN about, you ask? Keeping it simple, the plot revolves around five individuals (mercenaries) who escape from their prison ship and have to get to a rescue ship on a hostile world. Two days into the journey, they have already turned on each other.

The original story was a project I shot back in 1988. We had a super 8mm camera and no budget...not much different from today. The main difference is that in the original LOCK 304 the characters were all scientists and the threat was a ship's engine about to go nuke. The team had to work together to get to safety. The film, however did not work as all of the shots were either long or medium. No close ups. I was naive and working with someone as new as me on the project. In fact, the only close ups were shot when I was behind the camera. So...always loved the idea of racing against time (added pressure to an already tense situation) but now I have characters who are deceitful, backstabbing and murderous. FUN!

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